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Showing woman at their best. Most beautiful, strongest, sexiest and most confident.  Giving young ladies confidence in themselves through simple, natural portraits.  Reminding mature women how beautiful & sexy they are at any age & & shape.  Capturing the bond between friends, sisters, mothers & daughters, and generations of women. Giving you portraits you will share for a lifetime and beyond. 

That is what                                 is all about.


Simple, natural beauty to elegant and glamourous. Sweet, sassy & sexy as you want to be.  Alluring.

Appealing. Playful.  Dazzling. Sophisticated. And most of all, EMPOWERING.  Let me show off your unique

beauty and give spark to your step. 


Please join me for an afternoon of fun & laughter, on your own, or better yet, with a friend or family member to experience what it is to be a supermodel for an afternoon. (Once I turn on the fan, you'll feel like Cindy Crawford!) For every woman thinking they don't take a good picture, or don't like having their picture taken, I'll change that within a few minutes.  It's my job to make you comfortable and bring out your best.  I'll guide you through every move to capture an array of images that show off your best traits and draw out what's been hiding in you for too long.  I want to change the way you see yourself and give you confidence in who you are, despite wrinkles & inches. Let me help you look & feel your best. 

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