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   Growing up on a beef farm in North Western Ontario, I never thought my love of photography would take me where I am today.  I always wanted to be a nature photographer and when asked to take weddings I answered "Why would I want to take pictures of people?".  I finally caved and shot my first wedding for $50. Yes.  Really.  Obviously it was where I was meant to be,  as 26 years later I'm still going strong with weddings. (Sorry, the $50 package is no longer available. lol) 

   For many years I was asked if I had a studio.  And what was my answer?  "No, Why would I want to take pictures in a studio?"  And I finally caved to that one too when I started Beautiful You. I never imagined how rewarding it would be for myself,. seeing other women's life change with a simple portrait.

   I am so lucky to do what I love. And I love my son, my family & friends, flowers, gardens, birds, baking, moosetracks and a little town called Emo.

And I love meeting new people.

  I hope to meet you soon!

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