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     I have been a wedding & portrait photographer for over 30 years, situated in Lindsay, Ontario, in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region.  I travel anywhere and with 30 years experience, I have seen it all!!!

 a little about me

I grew up on a farm in NW Ontario.

I never planned to be a wedding photographer, actually planned to be a wildlife photographer, but obviously I found where I was supposed to be.

I absolutely love taking woman's portrait.  It is so rewarding to see how a simple portrait can change a life.

When I'm not taking your pictures, you'll find me in my garden,  taking pictures of my dahlias (my other love), with my feet in the dirt and happier than anyone could ever be. You can also follow my garden adventures on FB & IG @curlygirlgardens

(Guess where I got that name!)

I love road trippin' and hanging out with my besties.

I am a total sap for romantic comedies, the swoon of old songs, old country and 80s tunes, Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream, my son, Jacob, and a little town called Emo. 

.And I'm told I like to talk.  A lot. It runs in the family.

I love meeting new people.

I hope to meet you soon!

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